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"An excellent primer on how our school lunch came to be what it is - and thus should be required viewing for anyone seeking to change it.  One of the most engaging on-screen history lessons I've ever seen. And, luckily, the lesson is a substantive one." - The Atlantic


"Powerful ... Lunch Line does a tremendous job explaining the mind-numbing complexities of the USDA's sorted relationship with the School Lunch Program.  Lunch Line exposes how politics and private interests have gotten in the way of doing right by kids, but at least now, people are talking." - The Huffington Post


"This is a must-see film if you want to find out more about the federal school meal program and your kids school meals." - Jamie


"This compelling documentary tells the complicated story of the federal school lunch program, its origins, challenges, and opportunities, teasing out nuances without leaving viewers in the weeds." - Civil